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Be Different

As Christ followers, we are not really that much different than anyone else – we eat the same foods, wear the same clothes, and shop in the same stores. We also seek to live by the same laws, go to the same movies, and cheer for the same sports teams. And yet, those who seek to follow Jesus are different and are called to live differently. Some might call us peculiar. What is it that sets us apart from the rest of the world? What is it that we have to offer the world? It is how we live and love in a way that reflects the grace and love of God through Christ Jesus offered to all humanity. We have a peculiar God – one who loves us despite our short comings and forgives us when we don’t deserve it. We have reason to live differently! In fact, once we embrace the unmerited grace of our God in our lives, we cannot help but live differently. Join us as we begin to explore how and why being different can change our neighborhoods, our community, and this world.