Blog – Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile

Andy Rogers, Lead Pastor
September 2018

Ever regret asking “How do you know?”    It was late in the afternoon not too long ago when I received a text from my wife asking if I could find a plumber.  Thinking I had been successful in fixing clogs in the past, I asked “How do you know we need a plumber?”  Her text back was “Because spaghetti and tomato shards are all over the basement floor.” My heart sank, feeling this was not good news, and I began to ask around for a recommended plumber.

I got home to assess the situation and sure enough last night’s dinner was all over the basement floor. I couldn’t find the source though. A little more looking around led to the issue – a quarter size hole in my cast iron plumbing.  Knowing I was over my head, I phoned a friend… my neighbor who happened to be a general contractor hoping he could recommend a trusted plumber.

I was surprised by his response.  He came over and after sizing up the situation, he offered to drive me to the hardware store after dinner and walk me through the repair needed.  Two hours later and an additional trip to the store for additional pipe, having found other rusted spots, we had replaced over 30 feet of our plumbing system.   He refused to let me pay him for the help, rather he responded, “that’s what neighbors are for.”

My neighbor went the extra mile and exhibited Jesus Christ to me when my plumbing was busted, and food was all over the floor.  Rather than refer to someone else or point out what needed to be done, he made the repairs with me at his side learning and listening.  He went the extra mile for his neighbor when it might have been easier to stay in the lazy boy and watch his favorite show.  I am grateful for him and I feel more connected to my neighbor for it.

I am grateful for neighbors like that and for a church community that also seeks to go the extra mile to meet the needs of others.  How might you go the extra mile for someone else?  What might be the blessing God has in store for you when you do? Only one way to find out…