Blog – Nicaragua Update

Nicaragua Update

Joe Price
October 2020

Nicaragua Update

The news from Nicaragua is very similar to communities here. Covid 19 has rapidly spread, many people have lost jobs and income. The task of feeding their families has become even more difficult in a country where every day life can be a struggle.

Our sister church at La Paz Centro was one of 6 communities served by the mobile medical clinic operated by Bienestar Nicaragua Inc. For the safety of the people in the community and the safety of our employees, Bienestar had to suspend mmc operations indefinitely. It is hoped to be able to resume the mobile medical when it is safe probably in 2021.

The board members of Bienestar, looking for a ministry to continue serving the people of Nicaragua entered an agreement with Twelve Churches, a nonprofit organization based in Tallahassee, Florida, to open a feeding center for children. We chose La Paz Centro, believing it to be the best location to start because of our close relationship with the church and people there. Twelve Churches has many years of experience providing feeding centers around Leon, Nicaragua. Since we cannot be there at this time, they have agreed to help us get started. We will be paying them to start and operate the center for several months. If it is successful, we will decide to continue with them or operate on our own with the hope of operating more locations.

We are excited about this opportunity, especially with our first location in La Paz Centro. For this to be successful, we will need support and donations. For more information and pictures of the feeding program, please visit our website. Also on Instagram and Facebook, @bienestarnica