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Nicaragua Upate

Anna and Todd Mixon, Nicaragua Mission Team Leaders
September 19, 2018

Normally this time of year we would be writing you from Leon Nicaragua to report all the wonderful things God was doing on our annual Nicaragua Mission Trip. You see, over the past 6 years, CITY ON A HILL has been going on an International Mission trip to Nicaragua. During these past 6 years, we have ministered to thousands of people through bible study, discipleship, and by providing humanitarian aid with water filters, food bags, hygiene kits, clothing and general basic needs. We have formed relationships with the people of Nicaragua, our mission partners, as well as built our daughter church in La Paz Centro. Our trip this year had to be canceled due to the political climate in Nicaragua. Some of you may have heard of the political unrest going on in Nicaragua through the media. Coverage of this terrible situation has been very minimal. Daniel Ortega, the President of Nicaragua, owns all the media outlets and controls a lot of the information that gets reported. Over 300 people have died since April as they tried to protest the over arching control their government has placed on them. A new law passed recently in Nicaragua, allowing police to arrest anyone who protests against the current government. We have included a link below to a video that helps shed more light on the political situation in Nicaragua for those of you wanting more information.

Our missionary partners in Nicaragua are all hurting due to all missionary support being halted since April. We have been asked by these different partners for prayer. Pray for their country leaders and political system. Pray for peace in their nation. Pray for their staff and the people they would normally serve with our help. We have included a list of our missionary partners below. We have been praying and speaking with Pastor Andy about what we as a church body could do to help. Earlier this year CITY ON A HILL hosted a BBQ to raise money to help assist our 2018 Mission Team Projects. Since we have had to cancel our trip, and in light of the sermon series we are currently in “Living Generously”, we believe God wants us to help our partners in Nicaragua with a financial gift since they are all hurting financially.The exciting news is all of our partners are doing well otherwise. They are still meeting together, hearing the word and breaking bread together. History has proven time and time again that God cannot be stopped by governments or political systems, Amen! May God’s word continues to be real to all of those under oppression in Nicaragua and anywhere else people suffer for spreading the Good News!

Serving Him, Anna and Todd Mixon, Nicaragua  Mission Team Leaders