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Threads of Comfort

May 15, 2019

You may have seen them on a Sunday evening, sitting in one of the classrooms, a pile of yarn on the table between them, or maybe in the entrance way as you entered the church, bags of colorful yarn overflowing at their feet.  A small group of ladies, their hands flicking away as they laugh and talk. Sometimes they’re sitting close together and you hear bits of conversation like, “Okay, now you want to do two double crochets and slip stitch one more time.”

They are City on A Hill’s “Threads of Comfort” small group and their purpose as a group is to share Christ’s love through fellowship and crochet.

How exactly does one share Christ’s love through crocheting? Well, this year alone there have been hats donated to Never Alone Ministries.  Scrunchies and washcloths made and packed up for the Operation Christmas Child Mission. Lapghans donated to the Woodstock Nursing home, Easter bunnies given to Turn Around Kids and ongoing donations given to Happy Caps, an organization that collects hats for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Each gift is tagged with a COAH tag, a note of encouragement and a scripture verse so that the recipients know that they are being held up in prayer.

Threads of Comfort now meets one Sunday a month from 5:00 to 6:30pm, date, and location to be announced. They usually begin each meeting with a short devotional about ministry and then move on to projects meant to reach out to both church members and the community. If you’re interested in joining them you can find more information on the COAH small group page.