As you enter the city proper of Woodstock, imagine what it must have been like for Jesus to enter Jerusalem that last week prior to his death.  

Crowds were gathered. News traveled fast, even though in that day there wasn’t Instagram, Facebook, or 24-hour news cycle.  It was word of mouth.  Jesus rode into the city on the back of a donkey amidst great fanfare.  The people had great expectations of Jesus, anticipating he had come to overthrow the oppressive rule of the Romans.  They gave a shout-out for Jesus by yelling “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.”  The crowds and the praise even caught the religious leaders off guard as they realize the “whole world has gone after him!”  (Read the full story in John’s gospel, 12:12-19) 

Truth is, nearly all of those gathered to welcome him or in dismay of him didn’t fully understand him.  His coming would indeed overthrow oppressive rule, only not that of the Romans, something far more oppressive and destructive – sin, our bent toward self-seeking over the needs of others. When sin creeps into our lives it can have devastating effects on our relationships with one another and with God.  Jesus’ coming meant the defeat of sin.  Now that is something to shout about.  

Our world is in desperate need of this good news.  Help get the word out.  Dare you to give a shout-out for Jesus.  When’s the last time you shouted, posted, or tweeted “Hosanna?”  Are you willing to do so today?  #HolyWeek

JOURNEY TO NEXT STATION:  Cross Main Street at crosswalk and make your way to the Fountain and Gazebo area directly across from Station 1.


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