One thing you won’t find in downtown Woodstock is a lack of places to enjoy some great food!  Speaking of food, one of the last things Jesus did with his followers was share a meal.  But this was no ordinary meal. This would have been an annual dinner party of sorts for the Jewish community commemorating how God had delivered their ancestors from bondage in Egypt centuries earlier.  Jesus and his disciples gathered for this special meal only it would be unlike any his followers had experienced before.  

Rather than grabbing a seat, Jesus takes a knee and washes their feet prior to the meal. (If you want to get the play by play, you can find it in John’s gospel 13:1-17).  It was not unusual for feet to be washed before a meal in that day and time.  What was unusual was to find Jesus, a person seen as holding a high position in society humbly providing this act of kindness for his followers.  No doubt they each must have thought it should have been the other way around, one of them washing his feet.  

As you gaze upon the chair and towel before you, imagine someone washing your feet.  Now imagine it is not just anyone, but Jesus, the very son of God doing so.  It’s uncomfortable for most of us, if not all of us, to picture someone else washing our feet isn’t it?  It may be equally challenging imagining ourselves being willing to do the same for another. Jesus models for us what serving one another through acts of kindness looks like..  

What acts of kindness are you engaging in today?  Amongst your family?  Amongst your community?  Amongst our city?   One way you can do so, is sign up to SERVE or GIVE toward Meals for Woodstock ministry which packs 300 meals every other Tuesday here in downtown Woodstock meeting the needs of many going hungry.  

JOURNEY TO NEXT STATION: Take the Crosswalk across Main Street and continue on Elm Street which will dead-end into Market Street.  Crossover Market St and make a left half a block to the large guitar art at the entrance of the city playground and Elm Theater.  There you will find Station 5. 


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