our vision

Our Vision

Our PURPOSE is to create a community where people can see and then become deeply committed followers of Jesus.

Our MISSION is to serve with compassion, bring other seeking people, grow through small groups and Bible studies and become what Jesus wants us to be.

Our VISION is to change the world, one loving act at a time. 

Our Values

AUTHENTICITY: being real, genuine, honest, true, transparent, vulnerable.


TRANSFORMATION: change, save, redeem, heal, resurrect, catalyst, renewal, restoration, growth, movement, different/difference (Those who walk in a Saul, would leave a Paul).


MISSION: action, faith in action, making a difference, changed lives, changing lives, tangible, outward, visible, doing.


HUMAN WORTH: caring, love, potential, value, special, nurture, welcome, bless.


COMMITMENT: lead by example, bought in, owned, sold out, it’s not about me, dependability, character, integrity, responsibility, accountability.