Prayer Walk – Station 6


Find one of the benches on the church grounds or stroll the lawn or find an appropriate spot to pray.

Look upon the Sanctuary.  Imagine it is 1889 and you are there on the first Sunday of the new church.  Sense the excitement?  What is your favorite hymn?  Imagine how many times you could have heard that tune coming from the sanctuary over the past 130 years.  How many generations have sung that song?  Ask God to reveal how He would have us recreate that same sense of excitement today?   Pause and pray for this building.  Ask God to breathe new life into the best of the traditions that have made us who we are.

Look upon the Georgia Dawson building to the west of the sanctuary building.  Imagine the possibilities for ministry.  Can you envision additional Christian educational rooms?  A counseling center for recovery ministries? Or hub for a Homeless ministry that coordinates relief across the county?  Or a multi-purpose space where international mission teams prepare for global outreach to our partner church in Nicaragua and beyond?  Pause and pray for this building.  Ask God to show us how He would have us use this space to further His Kingdom and the ministry of Jesus for others.

Look upon the grounds.  Imagine these grounds transformed in a way that would attract passers-through to stop and gather for a while.  Is God showing you a way to not just have people stop but a way to create an encounter with Christ in this green space?  Now imagine Jesus walking onto our campus; How is he inviting children of all ages to ‘Come Follow Him’?

Look at the big tree in the center of the grounds.  Imagine you are the tree’s trunk.  Think about the roots, how they spread out and how massive they must be.  Those roots represent your Christian ancestors who worshipped, were baptized, wedded and memorialized on this campus. Did you know you are standing in front of the longest continually operating church in the city of Woodstock?  Look up to the branches.  Imagine those branches represent the future, the Christian descendants of your “Jesus-Family-Tree”.  Pause and give thanks to God for those who have come before.  Pray blessings for those yet to come.  Pray for a hope and a future, that will include branches and leaves as numerous as might please God.  Ask God to show you how He is calling you to be part of that future by Making Room today.  Spend as much time as you like, then follow the marking to station 7.