“Starting Point” is designed for anyone new to The Way. Hear more about The Way’s story, our vision, and values, have your questions answered, and learn how you might get more connected.

We believe that we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ in our church, local community, and across the world. We believe that everyone has a place at The Way, and we would be honored to serve with you! We want to help you find a place where your strengths and talents best fit.

Baptism is the way to show the world that you have put your whole life in God’s hands and trusted Jesus with your whole heart.  Baptism is not only a symbol of our accepting Christ but is a reminder that God has accepted us into His family.  This class is for anyone interested in being baptized as a teen, adult, or having your infant or child baptized.

Ready to be a member or want to know more about what this looks like? After joining us for a while, we hope you will be ready to move from going to church to becoming the church.


If you’re still not sure what your next step is, please contact us.