Our Missional Mandate

The Way Woodstock exists to glorify God and make disciples by…

…sharing the hope-filled life in Christ with others,

so that we may all discover and live into our God-given purpose.


I recognize that my commitment to Christ Jesus is expressed by my commitment to Christ’s Body.  Because of my faith and trust in Jesus as the Savior of my soul and the Lord of my life (mind, heart, and will), I desire to renew my commitment to Christ by covenanting with The Way Woodstock UMC to:

  1. Connect with God and others through my commitment to weekly worship and through intentionally sharing my faith story.
  2. Cultivate my faith and that of others through small groups and Bible Studies.
  3. Care for others through serving, giving, and praying regularly.
  4. Uphold our core values of being:
    1. Grounded In God’s Word;
    2. Guided by God’s Spirit;
    3. Growing Deeper in Faith
    4. Going Further for Others
  5. Knowing and living out the missional mandate of The Way | Woodstock.


Allen McMullen

Sylvia Godwin

Mike Morgan

Douglas Mildner

Michelle Mildner

Andy Rogers

Christie Drago

Reesa Gresham

Corey Barge

Stephen Long

Ann Garvin

Rebecca Dillon

Kim Smith

Trudy Forbes

Steve Dillon

Kristen Rogers

Dottie Preuhs

Joan Huguley

Tammy Green

Dianne Bussey

Ron Richmond

Susan Berry