What is the “Making Room” Campaign?

“Making Room” is a capital campaign to raise the additional funding needed to support the vision of transforming Latimer Hall into a multi-purpose mission and ministry facility enabling us to share the hope found in Christ with the next generation and empower them to discover their God-given purpose in life. Renovations to Latimer include a larger worshipping space and dedicated space for children, students, and young adults.  Expanding into Latimer is part of a larger vision of becoming a campus people don’t just walk through but come to in search of Hope.  That Hope has a name – Jesus Christ and we desire to introduce others to Him.

Why a capital campaign now? Is this need urgent?

We believe that now is the absolute right time, even in the midst of COVID, to take this next step into the vision God gave the two merging churches having come together late in 2019 to become The Way.  Why? Because if COVID has taught us anything, it is there is a deep longing for connection and community that cannot be replicated online.  As this pandemic begins to clear, we want to be ready by having made room to welcome others into this community.

What is the goal of this campaign? (What is the total project budget?) Is this goal attainable?

Our goal is to raise $500,000 or more to complete the renovation and launch the ministry this building will house.  Is this goal attainable? Absolutely!  If the entire Way Community participates in this vision for our future by sacrificially giving, we believe we can realize this goal and take the next step in God’s vision for us.

Are we going to borrow money to pursue this project?

The Leadership Council is considering the possibility of borrowing up to, but no more than, the total pledged in this campaign. The reason is due to interest rates being at an all-time low and the opportunity it would provide for us to be in position to expand mission and ministry into this space by year-end.  Our delaying until all pledge amounts are received delays our ability to reach the lives, we hope to reach with the ministries Latimer will strengthen.  People in our community need Jesus now, not later.  Borrowing money is not something the leadership Council takes lightly.   Contributions received in the coming weeks will reduce the amount needed to borrow.  However, delaying this project further adds to overall costs due to inflation and due to the monthly storage fees, we are incurring for furnishings from the COAH campus that were earmarked for use in Latimer Hall upon its completion.  There are real costs as well as opportunity cost if we delay.

How soon will I be asked to give?

We will begin to formally receive offerings on March 7th of this year; however, several of you have already begun to give toward this vision.  Thank you!

How do I give to this Making Room vision/campaign?

Beginning Sunday, February 7th, we are launching a Making Room series in worship and other group settings that will culminate on Sunday, February 28th.  On February 28th, we are inviting everyone to prayerfully consider the sacrificial gift you will make to this vision by filling out a “Commitment Card.”  This is a pledge to make financial contributions over a 3 year period beginning March 2021 and ending March 2024.  March 7th will be our “First Fruits” offering where we are asking everyone to begin contributing to the vision.  Some may choose to give one lump sum; others may give monthly, quarterly, etc.  Other non-cash gifts may also be given in the form of stocks, property, etc.  Making Room offering envelopes as well as other means will be made available for contributions.

The Making Room Campaign seems primarily for Contemporary worship & kids/students space. I don’t have kids or grandchildren and I want to support Traditional style worship.  Should I participate?

Yes, you should. Consider this, we are just one generation away from losing Christianity here in the United States. Our legacy and ongoing witness in the greater Woodstock area is dependent upon our being faithful to God’s calling to reach the next generation that will carry forward the mission and ministry God has called us to here in Woodstock and across the world. Having already made substantial investments into our Sanctuary and Ga Dawson buildings, our attention now is being directed to Latimer Hall. Our expanding into Latimer Hall will not diminish our commitment to a vibrant Traditional style worship service. The Leadership Council has a list of continued investments into other areas of campus as we seek to utilize our entire campus for mission and ministry in the heart of Woodstock.

When do we expect work to start?  When is the project to be completed?

The renovation is expected to take 6 months from permit to completion.  We will start as soon as funding is secured to do so.  If we opt for borrowing against our pledges, that work can resume as early as late March and be completed in time for use by mid to late fall.

Will commitments be made public?

Absolutely not!  Giving is between each person/family at The Way | Woodstock UMC and God.  We will celebrate our collective commitment but no individuals nor their commitments will be shared publicly.

Can I redirect my giving to the Making Room Campaign from what I normally give to the general fund?

All are encouraged not to do this. The general fund is used to support the mission and programs of The Way that are currently in place and to pay the church staff.  We are all being asked to sacrifice and give above and beyond what we may have been giving to the General Fund.

Will our mission outreach offerings continue?

Yes and we have planned to increase our budget allocation to these efforts for 2021.  We are committed to mission and to being a giving church. These efforts are funded through general tithes and offerings we each make to support the ongoing ministries of the church.

Can I give a one-time donation in addition to the 3-year commitment?

Yes, some may choose to give one lump sum; others may give monthly, quarterly, etc.

If I can’t commit now, will I be able to donate at a later time?

Absolutely.  Simply fill out a “Commitment Card” when that time comes.

Can I commit for less than 3 years?

We are asking that you consider participating over a 3 year period, however, if circumstances do not allow that simply indicate that on your commitment card.

I am struggling financially and don’t know if I can commit to the campaign-what can I do?

We are a community that exists to help others, including each other.  We have resources to help you work on your personal finances, etc.  We are considering a financial course centered on Biblical principles beginning this fall as well.  We would ask that you participate in the campaign at whatever level is sacrificial for you.  Remember – it’s not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice.

Will new families be asked to help fund the project?

Yes.  New persons/ families will be contacted by the Follow-Up Team and given the opportunity to make a commitment to the Making Room vision.

What if my circumstances change after I have made a pledge?

You may either increase or decrease your commitment at any time God leads.

Who can I talk to about the campaign or ask any questions I may have?

You are encouraged to speak to our Capital Stewardship Experience (CSE) Director, Steve Bowser, Pastors Ann or Andy, or any of the CSE team leaders which include: Tammy Green, Judy Smith, Ann Garvin, Megan Morgan, Michele Bowser, Allen McMullen, Dick Huguley, Tricia Grindel.  You can email them or call the church office and ask to have one of them call you.

CSE Director Steve Bowser: [email protected]

Pastor Andy Rogers: [email protected]

Pastor Ann Garvin: [email protected]