What is a Prayer Walk?

A Prayer Walk is the practice of praying on location, a type of intercessory prayer that involves walking to or near a particular place while praying. They can be as short as a block or as long as many miles. The idea is to use the five senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch—to increase the intercessor’s understanding of prayer needs. Below you will find a guide for for a Prayer Walk and a couple we have put together for you.

Starting & Ending –

  •             Where you live
  •             Where you work, if working
  •             Wherever you are

Places to Pause and Pray –

  •             Protection for you and your family
  •             Those who live in the houses you pass
  •             Children, teachers, and employees of the schools you pass
  •             Bus drivers and attendants, many of whom are delivering food to families in need
  •             Grocery store workers as you shop
  •             Restaurants providing to-go meals
  •             Businesses that are shut down right now; those whose employees are doing without and the businesses themselves that worry they will not survive
  •             Houses of worship you pass that congregations stay strong in their faith and that their leaders do not grow weary           
  •             Hospitals and their workers, doctors and nurses
  •             Our country and the world