We believe that we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ in our church, local community, and across the world.

We believe that everyone has a place and we would be honored to serve with you! We want to help you find a place where your strengths and talents best fit. Take a moment to review the opportunities below.

In the Church:


Our desire is that each person who enters our doors for worship feels like a GUEST in our HOME. We want to make people feel welcome and want to return. Ways that you can volunteer with our hospitality teams:

Parking Lot Greeter
Door Greeter
Cafe Servants

Other Opportunities:

Communion Team
Tech Team
Praise Team
Prayer Team
Office Assistants

Kids and Students:

We believe that we are called to be a church that passes down our faith to the Next Generation. This is why we believe that volunteering in this area is so important to our mission and vision. There are opportunities for different age groups as well as different times on Sundays.

Sunday Mornings with our Kids and Students

K-5th Grade
Students (6th-12th)

In the Community:

Missions is at the heart of our church.

Local Missions exists to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the local community. Various volunteer experiences are available throughout the year.

We are able to serve locally through the following areas plus many more:

Friday Night Live
Single Moms Gas Give Away
Water Give Aways
Papas Pantry
Never Alone
Nehemiah Project
Must Ministries

In the World:

Global Missions exists to create a long-term relationship with people around the world. We have an ongoing relationship with our partners in Nicaragua where we have planted a church and continue to support the church and the ministry in the area.

Here are some of the ministries we support:

My Vision for Refugees
Haiti Children Project
Fill the Stable (Heifer International)
Ending malaria with Nothing But Nets
Quilts for Africa
Stop Hunger Now
Nicaragua Mission Trip
Venezuela Now