Spiritual Leadership Conference – 2021

ReWilding: Awakening to Life in the Spirit with Carolyn Moore

Spoiler Alert: We Win with Carolyn Moore

Living in the Spirit’s Fullness with Iosmar Alvarez

Shared Spiritual Leadership in Challenging Times with Bryan Sims

Values & Next Steps with Ideal Curtis and Christin Nevins

The Ongoing Journey with Jorge Acevedo

Cultivation Healthy Teams with Grace Church

Recovering Jesus and our Spiritual Practices with Alan and Deb Hirsh

Spiritual Leadership Conference – 2022

Romal Tune Shifting from Surviving to Thriving

Danielle Strickland How to Avoid Becoming the Bad Guy

Worship and Spiritual Direction Experience

Teamwork, Turmoil, and Transition

Guides of the Inner Life of the Leader

Bryan Sims Love, Follow, Lead Together

Romal Tune Who’s Looking for Me

Danielle Strickland Cultivating an Authentic Practice of Discipleship