Who We Are

COAH Logo Trans2The CITY ON A HILL Story

Welcome to City On A Hill. We are a faith community in Woodstock, Georgia where you can be yourself. The people Jesus interacted with didn’t have it all together. They weren’t those who were the most spiritual or the most holy. He walked with people who were in the middle of their messy lives, but who were longing for change, and he met them there. What Jesus offered was an invitation: “Come and see.”

Come and see how the world should be different. Come and see how you could be different.

City On A Hill was born out of a faith community that believed that discipleship should be different. That our walk of faith should be something different. We believe that being a Christian disciple should be defined, not by our worship attendance, but by our actions the other six days of the week.

And so we extend Jesus’ invitation to you – Come and see. Come and see what church is supposed to be. It’s not a building. It’s a people – committed to following Jesus.

Gather. Serve. Grow

We Gather because we know that living out our faith must be done in community. We’re all broken, but
we find strength walking through this life together in the midst of that brokenness.

We Serve, because Jesus served, giving us the example of how to live our faith. The church is supposed
to be the hands and feet of Christ and we take that commitment very seriously.

We Grow because staying the same isn’t an option. A living faith grows and changes us, and we have to
be open to that change – even when it’s out of our comfort zone.

Come and join us as we follow Jesus, who transforms us, in order to transform the world, one loving act
at a time.